Charms of Change | Persevere

AQUAMARINE: This stone helps move through transition and change to overcome fear of the unknown.  It helps clear past emotional, physical and verbal abuse.  It brings closure to unresolved situations.  It promotes self-courage, clarity and fortitude.

Persevere: Stone Charm

SKU: 0202
    • Stone charms are natural semi-precious stones. Each piece will vary slightly.
    • Stones are personally selected for their beauty and positive energy.
    • Hand wrapped stainless steel wire is used to hold each stone. 
    • Each charm is on a stainless steel lobster clasp so that they are easily interchangeable. 
    • Charm only, will attach easily to the Charms of Change necklace or bracelet.


    Note: Gemstone healing therapy should never be used in place of competent medical treatment.

  • Charms of Change: Necklace + 3 charms

    Charms of Change: Bracelet + 3 charms

    Persevere: Image Charm (Turtle)

    Persevere: Word Charm