Charms of Change | Persevere

The TURTLE teaches us about walking our path through life in peace and sticking to it with determination. It symbolizes persistence and staying strong despite obstacles. It offers protection against negativity, harmful influences and painful memories.

Persevere: Image Charm

SKU: 0201
    • Image Charms are hand crafted in high quality resin.  
    • Each charm is on a stainless steel lobster clasp so that they are easily interchangeable. 
    • Charm only, will attach easily to the Charms of Change necklace or bracelet.
  • Charms of Change: Necklace + 3 charms

    Charms of Change: Bracelet + 3 charms

    Persevere: Stone Charm (Aquamarine)

    Persevere: Word Charm