Charms of Change | Brave

BLACK TOURMALINE: This stone promotes a sense of power and self-confidence.  It helps cleanse the body of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger or feelings of unworthiness.  It dispels fears and brings emotional stability.

Brave: Stone Charm

SKU: 0102
    • Stone charms are natural semi-precious stones. Each piece will vary slightly.
    • Stones are personally selected for their beauty and positive energy.
    • Hand wrapped stainless steel wire is used to hold each stone. 
    • Each charm is on a stainless steel lobster clasp so that they are easily interchangeable. 
    • Charm only, will attach easily to the Charms of Change necklace or bracelet.


    Note: Gemstone healing therapy should never be used in place of competent medical treatment.

  • Charms of Change: Necklace + 3 charms

    Charms of Change: Bracelet + 3 charms

    Brave: Image Charm (Shield Knot)

    Brave: Word Charm