Charms of Change | Believe

The LOTUS flower represents inner strength.  It teaches us to believe in ourselves as we aspire to express, to live and to share beauty.  The lotus flower rises above the murky water to blossom just as we can rise above the suffering to achieve peace.

Believe: Image Charm

SKU: 0191
    • Image Charms are hand crafted in high quality resin.  
    • Each charm is on a stainless steel lobster clasp so that they are easily interchangeable. 
    • Charm only, will attach easily to the Charms of Change necklace or bracelet.
  • Charms of Change: Necklace + 3 charms

    Charms of Change: Bracelet + 3 charms

    Believe: Stone Charm (Black tourmaline)

    Believe: Word Charm